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Lotto Raptor Evo Tennis Shoe Review

June 25th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews
Lotto has really stepped up its game with the new Lotto Raptor Evo Tennis Shoes. They are a big improvement from the previous models. The cosmetic design of these shoes is minimal and modern. They are mostly a silver color with dark blue accents.

The Lotto Raptor Evo tennis shoes are a very comfortable fit. The upper is constructed with mesh, making them nice and breathable. They also doesn’t rub against your feet because they are seamless. There is a heel counter that is extra supportive and stable. These tennis shoes are low to the ground and have a low profile on your feet. Feel confident and assured despite running all over the court with the support.

The Lotto Raptor Evo tennis shoes use cushioning with the synpulse technology, making for an even more comfortable fit. SynPulse feels like a spring and absorbs the shock. With this added shock absorption, your joints will be protected from hard pounding on the tennis court.

The new Lotto tennis shoe line uses a Longlast 40 rubber outsole material, and has the 6 month outsole guarantee. They should last plenty of time, even for avid tennis players. You don’t have to worry about traction in these shoes either – they stick great when you need to plant or pivot, and even aid sliding when you need it. These tennis shoes play light and speedy with a secure feeling on your foot.

The only thing to note about these tennis shoes is the sizing – they run a bit tighter-than-average – so they may feel a little snug. If they do, just size up and you should find a more comfortable fit.

Overall, these shoes are very impressive, and they turned out to be a top-of-the-line product to go with the rest of the Lotto tennis shoe lines. They are excellent performance shoes for tennis players who play aggressive and often.