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Tennis Shoe Review - Women’s Lotto Raptor Ultra 4

September 4th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

Lotto Raptor Ultra 4 womens

Women’s Lotto Raptor Ultra 4 Tennis Shoe Review

Sink your foot in to the Lotto Raptor Ultra 4 tennis shoe and experience durability and support that tennis pro Agnieszka Radwanska trusts.

The Raptor Ultra 4 fits like a glove and has a medium width but is slightly longer than standard sizing. Some can feel this tennis shoe is on the narrow side and in this case a few wears can take care of that. This tennis shoe’s arches don’t need much break in as they are on the lower side, but the cushion on the tennis shoe does. This shoe will have a slightly stiff feel at first wear but later loosen up to be comfortable. It doesn’t have a pillow like plush feel and has more of a supportive feeling cushioning.

The upper of the Raptor ultra 4 tennis shoe has a reinforced toe cap to add extra durability in the toe area for those who may have a problem with toe dragging. The microfiber and nylon mesh on the upper also adds durability and ventilation and aids in its lightweight feel. The ventilation in this tennis shoe is decent and may still produce some moisture on your foot, but it still doesn’t make your feet feel overly warm. This tennis shoe contains a removable anatomically correct insole that will provide added support and decent cushion.

The midsole is made of an EVA material. It also uses a Syn Pulse technology aiding in shock absorption. The outsole of the Raptor Ultra 4 is slightly concave due to the type of arch support it uses but it all together improves the feel of the tennis shoe on your foot. The outsole of the Lotto Ultra Raptor 4 is super durable and is backed by a 6 month outsole durability guarantee.

There is also great traction in this tennis shoe because of the herringbone pattern which improves grip. It really cuts back on the sliding feeling on the tennis court you may get in other shoes. It is supportive to multidirectional movements on the tennis court and you won’t lose feeling of the ground in these tennis shoes. The stability in the Ultra Raptor 4 will keep you safe and secure and feels really solid. This includes in the ankle, where there is a supportive heel collar. What it lacks in plush cushioning you can find confidence in its solid support.

The Lotto Ultra Raptor 4 claims to be lightweight but in all actuality at a weight of 13.5 ounces it can feel a little heavy for a performance tennis shoe. The design is quite plain yet classic as well as feminine. There is even a tiny Italian flag accent because of Lotto’s Italian origin. All around this tennis shoe is decent and is definitely worth the $69.95 sale price.