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The 7 Best Christmas Gifts for a Tennis Player

November 28th, 2018 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

Now that the Black Friday madness is behind us, it time to start thinking about Christmas! If you missed the boat on scoring great deals on tennis clothes, racquet and tennis shoes, no worries!  Do It Tennis has some great options for gifts for the tennis enthusiast in your life.

Tennis Clothes

For both men and women, cute tennis clothes are great; comfortable, athletic and stylish tennis apparel is even better. Top brands like Sofibella, offer tennis clothes for women in tons of different styles and colors. Everything from tennis jackets, skirts, leggings and undergarments. They even offer plus sizes. These tennis clothes are made specifically for tennis players and are not only loaded with style but also technology to ensure maximum comfortability on the court. There is also no shortage of tennis apparel for men from top brands like Yonex and Adidas.


Missing a ball because the sun was in your eyes is not an option for a tennis player. Sunglasses that fit comfortably and block bright rays are a great gift for a tennis player.

Tennis Racquet

Tennis racquet can be tricky because tennis players normally have a preference when it comes to their tennis racquet and sometimes they like to have it customized. However, if you know exactly what they want because the giftee has *hinted* about wanting a specific racquet for Christmas, then it’s an easy present! Junior tennis racquet can also be a great gift for a younger player starting out!

A New Tennis Bag

Being carried around from court to court and tossed from tennis benches to the trunk of the car, an old tennis bag or maybe one of lesser quality, can only last so long. A new tennis bag is the perfect gift for either a beginner or an expert who has just worn their tennis bag out. Tennis bags for women come in tons of different styles; some are more couture while others are sleek and made for the minimalist. It all depends on the player’s style. Tennis bags for men and tennis bags for juniors also come in an array of colors and styles.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls make for perfect stocking stuffers for a tennis player. You can never have enough for practice, matches and for the dog!

Tennis Equipment

Tennis equipment could be great gifts for tennis players at any level to help with practice. Tennis backboards or tennis rebound nets are great for junior tennis players,  mid-level and expert players to get some necessary practice in.

Tennis Shoes

New tennis shoes also make great gifts for the special tennis player in your life, but similar to picking out a tennis racquet for someone else, new shoes can be somewhat tough. You have to know their size, width of their feet and the type of shoe they like. However, if they have a brand that they always buy, you can easily find the size on their old pair and get them the newest model of the tennis shoe they already love!

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