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The Comfort and Ease of Tennis Skirts

November 12th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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The Comfort and Ease of Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are both convenient and comfortable. If you are looking for fun, flirty and functional, these tennis skirts need to be on your wish list for the end of 2015!

1) DUC Flirt Tennis Skirt: The DUC flirt skirt is very flirty, just like its name suggests. There is a double pleat on the backside that is flattering and adds dimension. The built-in compression shorts are comfortable and will keep you feeling secure throughout the game. There is even a convenient little tennis ball pocket so you can always keep the match going. This tennis skirt is a great idea for women’s and girls’ teams; it comes in multiple colors and you are sure to find one that meets your team’s needs.

2) Adidas Climachill Tennis Skirt: This tennis skirt from Adidas is both sporty and lightweight. It’s shorter in length and easy to move around with. It is made from a very lightweight and breathable material that stretches nicely – all crucial features when getting your tennis game on! You will love the built-in shorts and the flat waistband, too. It is so comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing it, which allows you to pay attention to what matters more—getting that match point.

3)Bloq UV Tennis Skirt Leggings: If you need some more coverage or compression, this tennis skirt will certainly do the trick. This tights-and-skirt hybrid combines the best of both worlds, the coverage of a tennis skirt and the compression of tights. For those concerned about skin health, you too can rest assured as it provides protection against the sun’s harmful rays. These leggings are versatile: You can play hard on the tennis court, hit the trails for a jog or hike, or even comfortably lounge around in them. They are very comfortable and will give you a nice boost of confidence on the tennis court.

4) Prince Tennis Skort: The Prince women’s tennis skort is frilly and has a lot of movement to it. It is moisture wicking and has built-in shorts, as well. It has the kind of skirt that moves when you move, and it’s a fun berry color. More importantly, it doesn’t bunch at the waist and hangs nicely without being too boxy or revealing. Not only will you feel confident and secure on the tennis court, but playing in this cute tennis skort can even make the game a little more fun!
With these skirts in your tennis outfit wardrobe you will feel comfortable, look fierce and have all the convenience and fun that a tennis skirt has to offer.
The Comfort and Ease of Tennis Skirts

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