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The continuation of great tennis shoes by Prince

August 22nd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

Prince shoes

Prince has always tried to push the envelope with their technology.  Most of their credit comes in the racquet development.  However, Prince has done an excellent job in the shoe market.

Just in the past few years they have come out with their Prince T22 shoe.  The shoe is one of the best selling shoes on the market today.  They also have some great shoes that have been in their line for quite some time.  The two most popular models have been the Scream and Viper.

Currently, the Prince men's and women’s Scream 3 is out on the market.  It is a very durable and comfortable shoe.  It comes in both a low and mid top.  The mid is great for some additional ankle support.  The Scream 3 started as the Scream, followed by the Scream 2 and has evolved to the third version.

In the Viper evolution, Prince has just come out with the Viper VI.  This shoe is one of the constants in the Prince tennis shoe line.  It has been in the line for close to 10 years.  The Viper VI comes in both a low and mid.  I would say the mid is one of the most popular Prince shoes just because it has a great following and if you need something similar to a basketball shoe but made for tennis.  This is a great option.