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The Game Changing Technology of the Babolat Pure Drive

January 12th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Babolat Pure Drive




Babolat is a well-known name among the tennis community. From weekend players to the pros, the brand has made its presence known with the Babolat Pure Drive.

There must be a reason that Babolat is one of the most popular brand in the industry… actually there are three reasons; the Cortex System, Graphite Tungsten and Woofer, which you will find in all of Babolat`s Pure Drive racquets.

The Cortex Dampening System (CDS) is an active technology that improves feel. It is a crossing point between the frame and the handle which filters unnecessary vibrations at impact.

The GT or Graphite Tungsten is used throughout the whole racquet. It is a compound technology that combines braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments. The tungsten is applied throughout the racquet in different concentrations at tactical locations in order to increase control and feel.

Woofer is Babolat`s creation which causes the frame and the strings to interact. Woofer is part of the Babolat Pure Drive`s grommet system. It is composed of elevated regions between grommet holes which make a cushion for the strings, causing 25% more contact time of the ball on string giving more control and comfort.

Because of Babolat`s dedication to improving tennis racquets with the innovative technology of the Babolat Pure Drive series, they have been, and remain a top brand in the tennis equipment industry. The Pure Drive is proof of their devotion to enhancing racquets and your game!


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