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The Lasting Benefits of Youth Tennis

October 3rd, 2018 by Do It Tennis

filed in Youth Sports

youth tennis
We can probably all agree that most youth sports are physically beneficial in some way; bone health, confidence, blood flow, heart health… the list goes on. All kinds of physical activity has been proven to boost immunity, lower the risk of juvenile diabetes, strengthen muscles, increase focus and can be a huge stress reliever! While we don’t believe that any youth sports are bad, youth tennis may come in pretty high on the list when you look both the physical and mental benefits that the sport can provide to your children.

Hand-eye Coordination

Learning to predict ball timing and the point of contact with the racquet helps hone the skill of hand- eye coordination. Not only do you have the accurately judge the point of contact with the ball and racquet, you have to do so at a rapid speed. Take a look at some of our youth tennis racquets; a good racquet that fits the player is necessary for players at all levels, even the ones with perfect hand-eye coordination!


Stretching before the game is a no-brainer with most sports; however, in tennis, not only do you stretch before the match, you do so on the court with the constant and quick maneuvers needed to hit the ball and quickly move to the next position.


When playing tennis, both the gross and fine motor skills are getting a work out. The moving around the court help condition the large muscle groups while serves and volleys target the smaller muscle groups.


Speed and stamina are two very important skills but they don’t always go hand in hand; in tennis, however, it is important to have both. For a single point, youth players may change direction up to five time in just 10 seconds. Check out these youth tennis shoes that will help your player be even quicker on their feet!

All youth sports (and adult sports for that matter) provide amazing health benefits. From aerobic exercise to strength training, to boosted confidence and stress relief. Youth sports can create lifelong healthy habits and refine skills. Youth tennis, specifically, can help children master some of these skills and habits to a very high degree.

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