The Tennis Player’s Valentine’s Day Date Guide

February 11th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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The Tennis Player’s Valentine ’s Day Date Guide

In the game of tennis, love means nothing, but for Valentine’s Day love means everything. Here are a few ways to impress your tennis sweetheart this year with some creative tennis date ideas.

1) Plan a Tennis Getaway: Find a resort with a well-maintained tennis court or a beautiful country club nearby and plan a weekend that you can play tennis and enjoy the amenities of your resort. Enjoy time on the court, at the spa, and by the pool. If you live close enough to a tennis-oriented resort, go there! If you live in southern California one of the best weekend getaways is Palm Springs. There are great resorts everywhere you turn and it is close to the Indian Wells tennis center, which would be an experience your tennis sweetheart would talk about through to next Valentine’s Day, and probably beyond.

2) Tennis Double Date: Find a doubles tournament to play together. Nothing bonds you more than winning (or losing). You will have the fun of working together and even wearing matching outfits if you choose to. Some local tennis clubs put on couples / doubles tournaments.  You can also check USTA.com for doubles tournaments to play on Valentine’s Day.

3) Find a Tennis Court with a View: If you are trying to impress on a budget, grab your racquets and find a tennis court with a view, or is close enough to a great view that you can visit after playing. Plan to play tennis before sunset, then sit back and watch the sunset while you are both catching your breath.

4) Take or Gift a Private Lesson: Surprise your tennis player with a private tennis lesson from an instructor. You can either do a group lesson or let them have the lesson all to themselves. Most diehard tennis players will appreciate brushing up on their tennis skill or fixing their technique with the help of a coach.

5) Picnic on the Tennis Court:
Reserve a court at your local club and surprise your valentine with dinner on the court. You can play tennis either before or after. Maybe even stream a tennis themed romantic comedy like Wimbledon or watch a current tournament.

These ideas are sure to make for a memorable Valentine’s day for your tennis sweetheart.
How are you planning to surprise your valentine this year?
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