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Tips Tuesday: Tennis Player’s New Year’s Resolution

January 6th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Resolutions for the New YearEvery year we make New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves in all aspects of our lives. I have come up with a list of the tennis player’s resolution and tips to achieve them.

1) Play More Tennis: Number one on all tennis player’s lists is to play more tennis. Most of the ideas on this list will help you do just that.

2) Play a tournament: A good way to get yourself motivated to play more tennis is to play in a tournament. There are multiple tournaments year round in most cities and for most levels of play and ages. A great place to start looking is on the USTA website ( ). Or you can even scout out your local tennis club and ask when they are having their annual tournaments or leagues.

3) Get in better shape: This one is important for more than just tennis. When you are in better shape you feel better and when you feel better you do more and that includes playing more tennis. There are plenty of things you can do to get you in better shape. You can join a gym, go walking, try yoga etc.

4) Join a group or league: Joining a league can be a fun and rewarding experience. You will be able to play over the weekends and usually at different places. You can also meet new people and get new tennis buddies. It will feel like your back on the team in high school again.

5) Cross train: To get in better shape it is valuable to start cross training. Try doing things that will strengthen your tennis game. Cardio never hurts and you can also do some strength training. If you don’t know where to start there are plenty of training gyms that are specifically for athletes to improve in their sport.

6) Make more time for tennis: If you are a tennis player you think about this one a lot. Most common response to why you can’t play tennis probably sounds something like this “ I don’t have enough time in the day” or , “ things are really piling up at work so to get through it all I have to cut out tennis”. Well there are a few things that can help you turn can’t into can. First, try playing tennis in the morning before work. Depending on when you go into work you can get a quick workout in with your tennis buddy. You can also try lunch time if you get an hour break. Try to find tennis courts right by your work so you can play as soon as you get off.  Committing to lessons, tournaments and leagues will help you to get into the tennis spirit and make it easier for you to devote a few hours a week to tennis.

7) Get the kids out on the tennis court: Most parents would rather their kids be outside playing than glued to their video games or social media. One way to get them on to the courts is to put them into a local tennis program such as 10 and under tennis. They will have fun playing tennis with kids their age and develop new skills and a love for tennis they wouldn’t have otherwise. Check your local tennis club for youth tennis programs. This is also a great way to keep them busy so you can play too or run those after school errands without them.

8) Join a tennis club: Being a member to a tennis club is a very convenient way to play more tennis, you will no longer have to waste time waiting for a court to open up at your local tennis courts.

9) Take lessons: A great way to play more tennis, improve your game, and get in better shape is to take some tennis lessons. Your local tennis club should have a wide array of different classes. Most tennis lessons will work on one stroke at a time and with repetition your game will improve.

10) Get a new tennis racquet: Having the right tennis racquet is important, especially if you plan to play tennis more. Start off the year right with a new tennis racquet (or two). Head over to your local tennis shop to test out different tennis racquets to help you decide which tennis racquet best suites you. Or head over to for a wide selection of all the latest tennis racquets. 

These are just a few easy solutions to your new year’s resolutions. Hope to see you out on the court. For a list of local tennis tournaments tune in for our next blog post.