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Uber-simple, sports icon apparel company: Stick It Wear?!TM by Joe Durica

October 26th, 2012 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Stick It Wear?!

Stick It Wear?! pays homage to the fan re-creation of well known tennis player’s movements and moments. The shirts are adorned with stick characters or ‘smart figures’ that are directly inspired from the refined Olympic pictograms of the 60s and 70s. The subtle and suggestive use of smart figures evokes an elegance that translates into simple, witty and endearing images. They simplify our memories as we pass them from generation to generation of sports enthusiasts.

Each piece of apparel captures significant movements and moments that those who are paying attention will recognize with ease. ‘The GOAT’ (Greatest Of All Time) playfully pays tribute to the greatest that has ever played. THE ORIGINAL REBEL is reminiscent of the 80s long haired tennis and ANA delightfully recreates the attractive intensity of a recent French champion. Also there are designs that recreate modern and past rivalries that will live on in time, as well as on the shirts!

The Quality
SIW?! smart figures are screened onto new fabrics that have a softer feel than most graphic tees and feature fashionable, modern cuts for men, women and children. Fine ring-spun, combed cotton ensures comfortability on the court but also look great for a day about town with a simple pair of jeans. The smart fan will revel in the comfort of the new micro-poly performance shirts in addition to a complete lineup of t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and women’s boy shorts.

Stick It Wear?! isn’t just for the tailgating breed of sports fan. It’s more for the smart fan who likes looking great while sporting their most adored hero. It’s announces the arrival of the sophisticated die hard.


From Hero to IconTM

About the designer
JOE DURICA Stick It Wear?!TM creator and designer Joe Durica grew up in Chicago watching the reverent battles between McEnroe, Connors, Lendl and Becker. His first tennis hero was John McEnroe while his Czechoslovak emigrate parent’s hero was the rival Ivan Lendl. That matchup made for some colorful finals and Super Saturdays. Joe’s early years were dominated by drawing, thoughts of throwing gigantic fits of bottled up passion followed by majestic drop volleys (á la The Mac Attack), and the cultural tractor beam of ‘Star Wars’.

Stick It Wear?! seems to have been born from all of Joe’s interests— from the designer lines to the study of human anatomy and back to the now reverent battles between the current top four players in the ATP.


Guest article written by Joe Durica