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Volkl Organix 8 Tennis Racquet Review

September 2nd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Volkl Organix

The new Volkl Organix line of tennis racquets consists of racquets labeled Organix 4 (game improvement racquet) to Organix 10 (player’s racquet). The Organix 8 sits perfectly in the middle of the product line—a true “tweener” racquet.


The Volkl Organix 8 is metallic red with white accents. It looks good, but is not very exciting, visually. The bumperguard has a large white “Volkl” imbedded in it’s material and the racquet’s grip is black. (I think a white grip would be a better fit).


Volkl uses the following in the Organix 8:

1) Optispot Vision System—a visual support system to help players hit the sweet-spot more often. This is accomplished via unique “bulls-eye” markings on the inner hoop. Volkl says that players hit 40% more balls in the sweet-spot than players without Optispot.

2) Bio-Sensor Handle System—a counter-balanced active dampening system in the handle. Volkl inserts a pin in the handle which off-sets incoming vibrations by 15%.

3) Organix—high tech carbon nano tubes, combined with cellulose as base material. Volkl says this provides 30% more dynamic power and better handling via vibration absorbing properties.


The Volkl Organix 8 has a 100” head with an open 16 x 18 string pattern. It weighs 10.6 ounces and is 0.9” head light. It’s beam is a constant 23mm and it’s stiffness is rated at 68 on the RDC. It is a standard 27” length.


I was pleased with the Volkl Organix 8’s performance on groundstrokes.  It’s a comfortable racquet with good ball “feel”. It accelerates quickly and feels solid—even on slightly off-center hits. It adds a little more power to your stroke, but still allows you to swing-away with confidence.


This racquet’s sweet-spot seems larger than normal for a 100” head size, and this really helps at the net. Volleys are powerful and direct. It’s head-light balance, and medium weight make reflex-volleys easier.


The Organix 8 performed as expected on overheads—powerful and solid with good control.


This is where this racquet really surprised me. My serves seemed more powerful and well-placed. It’s accuracy was fantastic—when going for the “ace out wide” I felt confident, and, yes, got a few of them!


The Volkl Organix 8 has a wide-open 16 x 18 pattern and this really helps generate spin. It also helps with slice and drop-shots.


When I first looked at the Volkl Organix 8 I was unimpressed. It’s not very fancy and it’s “pick up” weight and balance seemed average (just like a million other racquets). But after hitting a couple sets I discovered that it is a great performer with technology that seems to work. I can’t say I could “see” the Optispot working, but I did have some great points and good “gets”, i.e., shots that felt really solid. Perhaps I WAS hitting the sweet-spot more often? And the Organix 8 is a stable racquet that helps in the power and spin departments—very nice indeed!

I think it is a good choice for any player in the 3.5 and up level.

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