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Volkl Tennis Racquets, Known as the Tennis Elbow Racquets for Good Reason

August 15th, 2012

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Volkl Tennis Racquets Tennis Elbow Racquets

Volkl tennis racquets feature some of the most advanced technology in tennis today, as well as a line of racquets that that covers all skill levels and other preferences.  Volkls have always been known as the “tennis elbow” racquets, because of their prevention in arm injuries due to technology that softens and dampens shock, vibration, and other feedback. 

It begins with their DNX technology, which is a super-light as well as extremely strong carbon fiber material that you can find in all of their current racquets.  These fibers are created to withstand maximum force applied at all angles, giving every shot the same feel.  Having this feature in a tennis racquet means you’ll have a consistent touch with every shot, allowing your game to groove to whatever shots you’re hitting.  The DNX technology has recently been improved on, leading us to the current generation of racquets, the Volkl Organix line. 

The Organix material is composed of carbon nanotubes filled with cellulose material, which further absorbs vibration and builds up kinetic energy on impact, releasing it onto your strings when contacted with the ball for a powerful, accurate shot.  The 3 models I am going to discuss are very different from each other as far as weight and head size goes, but the material is consistent and there are enough racquets to satisfy any player whether new or advanced, young or old. 

The Volkl Organix 4 is the most powerful racquet of the Organix line, boasting a large mid plus 105 square inch headsize, a strung weight of 10.2 ounces, along with a head light frame.  If you’re an intermediate level player and are into playing doubles, this would make a great racquet for those quick net exchanges. 

The most balanced racquet of the Volkl line is the Organix 8 (300g), which features a middling 100 square inch headsize, a strung weight of 10.6 ounces, an open 16 x 18 pattern to encourage extra spin, and a slightly head light frame, making it maneuverable from anywhere on the court.  If you are a fan of the Babolat Pure Drive, the Wilson Surge, or the Head Instinct, but are having <b>arm problems</b> with those racquets, then I would highly recommend the Volkl Organix 8.  If you are looking for a little <b>more heft or weight</b> out of this exact frame, Volkl offers a 315g version that weighs 11.1 ounces. 

The final racquet I will discuss caters to the advanced level players looking for a player’s frame to provide optimal control from anywhere on the court.  The Volkl Organix 10 (295g) boasts a 98 square inch head size, an 11 ounces strung weight, the open 16 x 19 pattern for increased spin potential, and a slightly head light frame.  If you like the Head Prestige MP or the Prince Rebel 98 then this may be the frame for you.  It still harnesses the Organix material that makes the racquet very arm friendly, but in a version that you can swing for the fences with.  This racquet also comes available in a 325g version, which weighs in at 12.1 ounces and features a very head light frame for those big hitters out there. 

There are many other options in the Volkl line, like the Power Bridge racquets, but Organix truly is the material of the future.  If you’re looking for a frame that is easy on the arm, and is guaranteed to be quality (Volkl has a very good reputation for quality control and customer satisfaction) then the Volkl line of racquets is the one for you!


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