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Watch out for those tennis nets

August 8th, 2011 by

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

Tennis nets are not my friends.  Tennis nets are the enemy.  A measly 3 to 3 1/2 foot tall opponent that, on occasion, seems like the Great Wall of China!  Tennis nets are predators who feed on fuzzy yellow flying objects and never seem satisfied.  I hate tennis nets!

Tennis nets are very, very sly.  They will fool you into believing they are your ally, your friend, your partner.  Tennis nets will “let” your errant ball tick their net-tape and then drop into your opponent's court for a winner (but they require that you give the “wave of apology” afterward).  This is the tennis net's big teaser—because when you are charging toward the tennis net, about to put-away a sitter, it will, somehow, grab and eat your “easy winner”!  I hate tennis nets!

Tennis nets don't age well—and this makes them even MORE dangerous!  Are they maintaining their posture?  Or have they stooped-over and allow your opponent's too-low shots to pass you?  Sometimes they distract you by flapping in the breeze—especially when they no longer have solid footing!  And talk about “Holey Wars”—was that shot over OR through the net?  I hate tennis nets!

I really enjoy the sport of tennis.  I like the exercise, the strategy,  the mental challenge, and the social aspects.  The game of tennis could not be played without tennis nets and that will never change. So, despite their flaws—I love Tennis Nets!