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What the tennis court means to me

August 29th, 2011 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

tennis court

Over the years, my local tennis court has become my sanctuary and a hub for socializing and meeting others.  A few years ago, one of my co-workers invited me to play a short game during our lunch hour. I found the game to be a good way to exercise as well as a way to relieve stress. Although I was not a fabulous player, I grew to enjoy the game. From lunch breaks, to evenings and weekends, I found myself spending more time at the tennis court, but I was not there to solely play a game.

Gradually, the tennis court has evolved into a domain for me to communicate with my co-workers and my friends.  After the games, we all sit in a circle and engage in small talk such as the daily grind and upcoming weekend activities.  Not only has the tennis court allowed me to exercise my body but also my mind.  Along with my peers, I have opened-up about my life and current challenges. We even discuss some world events and how it affects our personal lives.  In some ways, the tennis court has become our regular meeting place.

Now that my children are in elementary school, they are old enough to hold a racquet in their hand and hit a tennis ball. Going to our neighborhood tennis court has also become a great family outing for us not to mention bonding-time. Both of my daughters love playing against their parents and often times, winning.  On Saturday mornings, they ask if we can all go to the tennis court to play a little and then just “hang-out” and watch others play. So they see the tennis court as a fun place to spend time together while I associate it with family bonding and building friendships.  Getting children on the tennis court at a young age helps them develop physically, mentally and socially. They learn lessons inside the lines of a tennis court that they can apply to life outside as well. It is also quite educational for my girls because so many public school districts have eliminated physical education programs.  They have to run all over the court in order to make their shots, so they get plenty of exercise for their legs, not to mention an awesome cardiovascular workout.  There is a special kind of energy and excitement that results from such an experience while encouraging sportsmanship, social skills and motor skills. This combination promotes success and the desire to learn and participate in a lifetime sport.  At the tennis court, my kids are involved with a world-famous sport that is not just safe to play but interactive and pleasing. Even better, it detaches them from the television and the computer.

The tennis court has allowed me and my family to take some time out of our busy lives and reconnect with others.  In this time of ever increasing technology and wireless communication, it is comforting to have the good old tennis court as a destination that provides some inner peace.