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What you need when you purchase a house with a run-down tennis court:

July 6th, 2011

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

I talk to a lot of customers who have purchased a home with a tennis court on the property.  The previous owner did not take very good care of the tennis court and so they need help cleaning it up.  There are 6 specific items that you need in order to make sure your tennis court is ready to go.  

  1. You need sleeves in the ground (for the tennis posts),
  2. tennis posts,
  3. a tennis net,
  4. a center strap (in the middle of the tennis net),
  5. an anchor hook (so you can hook the center strap down),
  6. and finally windscreens around the court.  

Some people might wonder why you would want windscreens around the outer fencing of the court.  There are 2 main reasons.  

  1. One, it keeps the wind down so on a real windy day, you can still use the court.  If you have ever played on court on a windy day without  windscreens, you know how difficult it can be just to get the ball in the court.
  2. The second reason is so that the backdrop makes it easier to pick-up the ball.  If all you have is the site of an open field behind you, it can be very difficult to pick-up where the ball is.

- Hans