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Why You Need A Clay Court Tennis Shoe

November 18th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

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Why You Need A Clay Court Tennis Shoe

Many tennis players are dying to play on a clay court. After watching the French Open, you may be itching to get your feet on that red powder. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to play on a clay tennis court you may be curious as to why you need a clay court tennis shoe. Well, we’re here to tell you why.

Clay courts call for a different type of tennis shoe. Let’s look at some clay court features.

  • The actual clay of a clay court is made of crushed brick or shale material, and it’s quite easy for players to slide around.
  • Clay slows down the ball and causes it to bounce higher.
  • Playing on a clay court takes stamina as rallies seem to last longer and the movements are different.

Since sliding is of major concern for players on clay court, a different, more specialized tennis shoe must be worn. Clay court tennis shoes have slightly different characteristics compared to regular tennis shoes. Generally, a clay court tennis shoe has an outsole with a herringbone pattering on the tread of the shoe. This gives the best possible grip without getting clay stuck in the tread of your shoes. The herringbone pattern also makes for gallant gliding on the clay. (See picture below)


You may be wondering, “Where am I going to find clay court-specific tennis shoes in a sea of regular tennis shoes?” Do not fret. Many of your favorite brands have clay versions of their popular tennis shoes.

Here are some of the pros at Do It Tennis’ favorites:


Lotto Raptor Ultra IV clay: These clay tennis shoes are popular among tennis players of all levels. Made in Europe, Lotto really gets clay culture. The Raptor Ultra Clay is nicely padded and has great side stability support, which is important for sliding down the clay. The outsole is high abrasive resistant and has a tight herringbone pattern which is long lasting and compatible with clay. Shop these here…


Asics Gel Solution Speed 2: The Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 clay is the clay model of the gel solution speed 2. Complete with the herringbone pattern, the outsole provides the traction for a clay tennis court surface. It is in the higher end price range but doesn’t fail to deliver. This light weight option is for the tennis player who is looking for a performance shoe to support their quick feet.

Prince Warrior Clay: This durable yet lightweight shoe is another great option for the clay court player in you. It has the typical herringbone pattern for traction and a 4Foot wrap that will help lock in your foot while gliding down the tennis court with ease. It is also easy on the eyes as well as the wallet.

These are only a few of the amazing selections of clay court tennis shoes available on the market. Once you get your hands on the perfect clay court tennis shoe, you can get your feet on the clay court of your dreams. Tune in next time to find out why you simply must play on a clay tennis court sometime in your lifetime on our next installment of the tennis bucket list: Play on clay.

To find the right model and size clay court tennis shoe for you, contact the pros at Do It Tennis today. They’ll see you get matched with the gear that’s perfect for you.