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Wilson BLX Erupts with Volcanic Technology

January 13th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Wilson BLX

Wilson Tennis, for 2012 has created their new product line with “more” enthusiasm than I have ever before seen. Yep—right on their product brochure they describe their association with tennis as “more” in nearly everything. More Desire, More Energy, More Legend, More Choice, More Pride, More Game, More Passion, More Design, More Next, More Tour, and More Heart. Whew!! Is there anything left?! Yes, my friend there is— Wilson BLX!!

Wilson BLX is the term used to define some of Wilson’s materials which are used in their tennis racquets. What is BLX? Glad you asked.BLX is a material obtained from natural volcanic rock. You know—that stuff that cuts your feet when you walk to the beach in Hawaii.Wilson obtains a material called “basalt” from these rocks. They manufacture fine golden fibers from these rocks, which they then weave into the other materials used for the construction of the tennis racquets. These fibers have incredible vibration resistance—which directly corresponds to “More Feel” (another “more”). In other words, a smoother signal reaches the player’s hand and gives “clean” feedback so the player can sense the ball better. The more the player knows about what’s happening the better!

BLX is also an environmentally friendly product which has excellent thermal stability and good sound insulation. It is also extremely durable. These are all very attractive attributes for a tennis racquet—less prone to heat-warping, tough, and we all know how important “sound” is to our game! And when the racquet has reached its end you are harming Mother Earth a little bit less.

Many of the 2012 line of  Wilson Tennis Racquets are constructedwith BLX. Last time I checked there were a whopping 35 BLX Racquets! (talk about something for nearly everyone!).

Tennis racquet manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to improve their product’s performance. They want to give you “More Game.” BLX is Wilson’s new way of giving you an edge over the competition in a “green” way. And I think the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii is eager for their business!


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