Wimbledon Wears!

June 28th, 2017 by Do It Tennis

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In honor of Wimbledon, we have rounded up some of our favorite Wimbledon gear. The classic crisp whites and the commemorative special editions will all make you feel like you are at the tournament.

This year you may see some of the female players sporting the Adidas Women’s London line tennis skort. It is crisp and white and easy to move in. It is moisture wicking so sweat won’t be a problem. Though it is white, there is plenty of detail that makes it stand out. Pair it with the Adidas Women’s London Line Tennis Tank. The London Line Tennis tank has very sleek lines. It has a higher neck so there is good coverage. It also has the same detailing that the skirt has. Though it has a higher neckline, the back does have some cutout details. Best of all it has 50+ UPF protection and it has climacool ventilation to keep you dry. 

The 40 Love couture Emma quilt tennis bag is made to order! This means that your not buying a bag that has been sitting around a dusty warehouse that had no thought put into it. It is made for you! This bag is super luxurious and is really well handcrafted quality. From afar it looks like a plain white bag but as you get closer the details come alive. It is made from a shiny white quilted material on the outside and a black material on the inside. We love that the inside is black because over time, the inside can get dirty if it was a light color. This bag is perfect for Wimbledon! Even if you cant go this year you can sport it and feel like you are part of the action. It can hold up to 2 racquets comfortably and has plenty of storage space and pockets for everything. Best of all it candouble as a high-end tote when you are not playing tennis. That’s a win-win in our book!
The Babolat Wimbledon Club back pack was specially made for Wimbledon.  It has the Wimbledon logo and lettering as well as a bold blue and white design. It can hold 1-2 racquets. There is the capability of one of the racquets being protected by a handle protector. The main compartment of the bag is pretty sizeable and should be able to hold a change of clothes or shoes.  There is a pocket on the inside of the bag as well as a pocket on the outside for water and other small items. Even though it is small it is still nicely padded in the straps and the back.
If you are looking for a bigger Wimbledon commemorative tennis bag you may opt for the Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon tennis bag. It comes in a 6 pack and a 12 pack. The Babolat Pure Drie Wimbledon tennis bag has all the beslls and whistles you would expect in a tennis bag. It can store a sizeable amount of racquets and extra items such as a change of clothes and even lunch. There is even some thermal insulation to keep your racquets from getting too warm. The straps are nicely padded and the bad all together feels solid. It is perfect for serious tennis players or someone who has quite the stash of racquets they need to keep safe.

Of course you cant get a tennis bag without a matching special edition Wimbledon racquet. The Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon tennis racquet Is just like the our drive you are used to but it has had a cosmetic up haul to represent Wimbledon.

Add some of the wimbledon white to your collection of tennis gear this year and shop more wimbledon looks here!

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