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Your choices in Tennis Bags

August 22nd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

tennis bags

Tennis bags these days are anything but dull. Both men’s and women’s tennis bags are sold in a wide array of colors and sizes. For a “girly-girl” like me, I can choose a pink-striped bag or one with leopard prints. But my husband, who happens to be more traditional, buys the more subtle tennis bags with dark colors. But with all of these different styles, it is nice to see that practicality and quality have not disappeared. Initially, I thought the pink and leopard-print tennis bags may not hold much and fall apart after a few months. I am happy to say that I was proven wrong. My tennis partner purchased one of those louder-looking bags and just loves it. It has become her companion both on and off the court. When she is not playing tennis, she uses it as her regular handbag and takes it with her to run errands.

My husband and his racquetball buddies prefer the bigger tennis bags that can fit several racquets. Suffice it to say, they use their tennis bags only for racquetball games and not other times. The men are just as concerned about performance but may pay less attention to style when it comes to tennis bags, which is just fine with me.
Whether you are a traveling tournament player, a member of a club or someone who enjoys the local courts during the weekend, there are a diverse collection of tennis bags – one to please every tennis player.