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A Tennis Ball Machine Can Be One of the Best Hitting Partners

February 25th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

Tennis Ball Machines

The best way to improve your tennis game is practice, but what if you don’t have another person to play with, or they are far too different a skill level to improve your game? That is where a tennis ball machine comes in handy, and the two best companies to buy one from would be Lobster and Tennis Tutor.

Lobster is known for their dependability as well as special features, and Tennis Tutor is well known for their portability and shot selection.

Some of the specifications on ball machines could make one model better than another for the way you play or practice. For instance, speed, spin, court location, lobbing, shot delays, oscillation, serve returning, as well as the amount of balls it holds and remote capabilities can make certain machines better than others.

The top of the line Tennis Tutor (which runs for $4500) holds 300 tennis balls, shoots the ball 6 different ways to 7 different locations on the court, can imitate lobs, topspin, and backspin, and has a max speed of 95 MPH.

If you want to go with the $500 model from Tennis Tutor, you will still get a very well-functioning machine, but the specifications are a little less: it can still feed ground strokes and lobs, but the maximum speed is 60 MPH, and lacks the spins and court positioning options of the more advanced models.

The important thing when buying a ball machine is fitting it to your needs. If you don’t own your own court and don’t have the means to transport a heavy machine with you, then one of the more portable options would be best, and will still bring a lot of fun and practice to your game.

But if you have the court and are willing to spend the money, an advanced tennis ball machine could make you as prepared for a match as any hitting partner could do. The option is just up to you.



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