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Playmate Ball Machines Have Much to Offer

October 13th, 2011 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Playmate Portable Ball Machine

A few months ago, I was at my cousin’s 40th birthday party. Similar to any family gathering, we reminisced about old times, complained about the economy and of course, wondered why we are not as physically fit as we were during our 20s. But repeatedly, we hear from physicians and health experts that men and women gain weight as the years pass. But that is no excuse to allow our weight to just increase and for our health to deteriorate. So how did this tie in with a family birthday?

For my cousin’s gift, her husband had asked us all to pitch in some cash because he wanted to buy her a Playmate ball machine. I thought to myself that sounds like an odd gift since it may imply that you need to shed a few pounds. However, I learned that my cousin had specifically requested a tennis ball machine. My curiosity blossomed and I directly asked her why she wanted a ball machine over so many other gift options. She said that she did not have the time to join a gym and attend regularly and that she had grown tired of playing the exercise DVDs inside her home. The Playmate ball machine is something completely different and would help meet her physical activity requirements.

Now that some time has passed, it is obvious how the machine has played a positive role in her busy life. First of all you cannot beat the convenience of the machine. One can play at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. There is no need to schedule a partner and it is absolutely an effective form of cardiovascular exercise and toning. Even for those who are not tennis enthusiasts, a ball machine can motivate individuals to get off the couch and onto a local court to burn a few calories.

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