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Consider the facts when looking for the best tennis racquet for your game

October 8th, 2011 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

The Racquet Pro

This is a tough topic because the best tennis racquet for one person might not be the best tennis racquet for another person. Let me explain this a little clearer…

If you are a beginner player, you generally need a lighter, bigger headed racquet like a Prince Exo3 Silver. However, if you are a 4.5 - 5.0 player, you might want something that is a smaller headsize, weighs more and offers more control than power.

This being said, there are a couple of racquets that have been best sellers. The reason these racquets are best sellers are because they appeal to a wide variety of player levels and/or there is a very good player using this racquet. For example, the Babolat Pure Drive GT is a great selling (and playing racquet). The reason is that a lot of tour players use it but also because both an intermediate and an advanced player can use this racquet. This is very rare.

Most racquets are for either an intermediate player or for an advanced player. Another example is the HEAD Youtek IG Speed Midplus, 18x20. Generally, 18x20 string pattern racquets do not sell very well. However, when you have Novak Djokovic using it (and he is the hottest player on the tour right now), people who are not as good as Novak want to use his racquet.

Such is the way of things when looking for the best tennis racquet.

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