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Customize Your Tennis Racquet With These Easy Tips

October 29th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Lifestyle

Sometimes you can get a little tired of your tennis racquet and feel like you need to freshen it up a bit (especially if you can’t bear to break up with it for a better one!). Yet, buying a whole new racquet is expensive and yours is still fairly new. When that happens, try customizing it with different tennis racquet accessories without paying a fortune or hindering the playability of your racquet.

1) Change out the grip: Spruce up up your racquet with a fresh tennis grip. You can opt for a different style of grip such as tacky or absorbent, or maybe just a new color or print. Your tennis racquet will feel as good as new! You can even customize it to match your game-day outfit or uniform so your opponents know you’re ready to play. Want a classier look for your tennis racquet? Switch out your grip for a leather replacement grip!

If you’re not even sure where to start, we encourage you to check out our recent blog post about the various types of tennis racquet grips (and over grips), and what benefits they each offer.

2) Change out the strings: Want your tennis racquet to feel new again when you hit it? Change out your tennis racquet strings. Tennis strings can lose tension over time; even if you haven’t played very often, the racquet’s strings can become loose due to weather or being stored in a warm environment (like garage or car). Best of all you can choose bright strings or even do one color for the crosses (horizontal strings) and another color for the mains (vertical) to make for a unique look. This is especially fun if you play on a tennis team and want your stings to match your school’s colors.

3) Add dampeners: If you’re new to tennis, you’ll start noticing these quite often. Dampeners are a very simple way to customize your tennis racquet. You can show off your creativity by choosing a quirky dampener, or go simpler with one to match the brand of your racquet. Either way, you’re going to cut back on the vibration and give your tennis racquet a better feel when you hit it.

4) Add some weight to it: This is less of a cosmetic change and more of a change to the feel of your racquet. You can use lead tape to add a little more weight to your tennis racquet in all the right places. Tape it along the inside of the frame to even out the weight to a level you feel most comfortable with.

5) Stencil a logo or initial: Lastly, to customize your tennis racquet even more use a stencil to add a logo, initial or design on it. Make sure to use a special string ink like the Babolat Babol color applicator. You can do this every time you change out your strings.

We hope you have some fun with these personalization options. These are just some easy ways to make your racquet feel customized and fresh again without shelling out lots of money. Of course, there will come a time when you’ll need a new racquet. When that happens, we hope you’ll come by to check out our selection of tennis racquets to find your next perfect racquet, and even use our racquet comparison tool to really narrow down your top racquet options. Don’t forget, you can always give us call with any questions.

Do you already have any of these custom personalization features on your tennis racquet? We’d love to see how you like to customize your racquet. Tag us on Facebook and Twitter so we can see!