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Designer Tennis Bags for Women are Spacious and Eye-Catching

October 18th, 2011

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Designer tennis bags for women

Designer tennis bags for women

Designer tennis bags for women

Growing up in a middle class family, there was never much emphasis on designer clothes, shoes or high-end shopping. My family lived a nice and simple life, free of materialistic ambitions. But during my adolescence, a good number of my classmates came from wealthy families and when these girls came to school with designer clothes, it made me wish that my parents could afford to buy me such expensive attire. But that was then-fast forward to my current life as a mother of two young daughters.

I am still living modestly but every now and then, I do spend extra money for certain designer items if I feel my money is well spent. Designer shoes, for instance, are an absolute because they are more comfortable on my feet and not so “cheap-looking.” I bought myself a designer jacket about three years ago and have used it consistently through the winter months.

Designer handbags were never much priority for me since I do not like to carry too many items everywhere I go. But when I play tennis with my girlfriends, I do need something spacious so designer tennis bags are a necessity. There are a number of tennis bags available with various designs to suit any individual’s personality. Colors range from the classic white to more bold colors like pink, bright blue and zebra prints. But more importantly, there is ample room for storing my belongings. In addition to my racquet, I easily fit all of my other essentials including my cell phone, wallet, keys, towels and a water bottle.

From backpacks to tote bags, simple to luxurious, tennis bags are available in cloth material and fine leather. Not only are today’s designer tennis bags aesthetically pleasing but efficient and spacious.

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