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DUNLOP DNA 17g Tennis String Review

September 26th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis String Review

Dunlop DNA

I’ve had the opportunity to play-test several of Dunlop’s new products this year—racquets, strings, and grips. Dunlop has modified their presence in the tennis string department with some interesting changes. This is a test of the Dunlop DNA tennis string in the 17 gauge. It was strung on a 100” moderate-beam racquet at 57 lbs (mid-range for the racquet).

Dunlop recently created the “Biomimetic” line of products which are based upon copying nature’s best designs. The DUNLOP DNA string is promoted as providing “power & durability” and is rated on a 10-scale (by Dunlop) as follows: Power – 9, Comfort – 9, Spin – 6, and Durability – 7. They also say that DNA is a premium multi-filament string which uses “Pure DuPont PA66 central core” and has a PBT fiber coil. The fibers are bonded with thermo-elastic PU resin. Basically, it is a multi-filament core with a single coil added and then an outer coating.

Dunlop’s new string packaging is pretty cool—the string is exposed and you can feel it before buying. I think that is a great idea—one touch can tell a lot!

The 1st thing I noticed was how smooth & soft Dunlop DNA feels. There was no coil memory but during stringing I noticed a few more kinks occurring than normal. Crosses were a breeze to weave.

I was immediately impressed with the power Dunlop DNA delivers. It almost feels as if it takes the power of your swing and “magnifies” it—then accurately launches the ball! Outstanding!! I believe it delivers less spin than some stiffer strings or any polyester.

Dunlop DNA really delivers on volleys. Power & accuracy were fantastic. It is very capable at turning your opponent’s pace into your weapon!

I gained confidence on serves quickly with Dunlop DNA. Almost immediately I felt as if I’d been playing with DNA for years. It has great power and feel.

DNA has very good “feel”. I could easily tell exactly what the ball was doing on my racquet (good OR bad!). But even on miss-hits it was very arm-friendly with less shock and vibration than many strings.

I was extremely pleased with Dunlop DNA 17 string. It delivers great power and is very comfortable. It even sounds good—a solid, quality tone.

About the only negative I discovered was that the strings began “moving” after only 30 minutes of hitting (just like the “old days”). But I did not mind straightening my strings between points—DNA’s positive features far outweighed this minor distraction.

I believe Dunlop DNA is a great string for many players. Especially those who enjoy less “shock” and wish to prevent arm/shoulder issues.


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