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February 1st, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis String Review

Dunlop Tennis String

Dunlop Sports recently introduced a tennis racquet string they named SILK. This string is a multi-filament synthetic gut and part of Dunlop’s BIOMIMETIC line of products. This play test was conducted using a 100” player’s racquet which was strung at mid-range. Dunlop Silk in the 16 gauge version was utilized.

Dunlop Silk is branded as a “power & comfort” string. Dunlop states that Silk, on a 10-scale, performs as follows: Power – 10; Comfort – 10; Spin – 6; and Durability – 5. As part of the BIOMIMETIC line of products, Dunlop Silk has “engineering inspired by nature”. Therefore, the name “Silk” makes perfect sense. Dunlop says that Silk is a premium multi-filament string which consists of a DuPont PA 66 central core, fibers bonded with thermo elastic resin, and a super-bonded polymer outer coating.

Dunlop Silk is packaged rather uniquely. In lieu of the plastic-wrap or paper envelope, it is coiled and zip-tied within a triangular paper sleeve. What’s interesting about this is the fact a prospective buyer can actually feel the Dunlop tennis string before buying. And, in my opinion as a racquet stringer, one can tell quite a bit about the string by its material “feel” (stiff, soft, etc.). No big deal—just another tool to help the buying decision process.

Dunlop Silk is a very “stringer-friendly” tennis string. It is soft on the hands, but firm enough to work through any blocked holes. There is almost zero coil-memory and it doesn’t snag or bind while working with it. I did not notice any type of slippery coating. Like natural gut, it is quite clear when new and then “blanches” when clamped. Knots were easily tied and weaving crosses was a breeze.

Dunlop is correct when they advise that SILK helps in the power department. It encourages a smooth swing and rewards you when you comply! I never felt as if I needed to really “whack” the ball to get depth. If you use good form you will be pleased. Spin potential seemed about average.

I really enjoyed using Dunlop Silk when playing at the net. Silk provided plenty of power and good control. Hit the sweet-spot and you will be very impressed—but it was also forgiving on off-center hits. There was very little shock transmitted to my arm—it just feels “solid”!

I was able to pick up a little power on first serves with Dunlop Silk. And I did not feel as if I lost any accuracy. I was not able, however, to develop as much spin on second serves as when I use a textured string or a polyester string. But this did not discourage me at all—this string helped make my 1st serve a “weapon”!

Dunlop Silk really lets the player know what’s happening. The ball “sense” is incredibly high. It performs wonderfully on slice and drop shots. Silk also encouraged me to try for some very sharp angles—with success!

Players of all abilities can benefit from Dunlop Silk’s properties. It is comfortable to use and should help prevent some arm problems due to its shock reduction. It helps in the power department without sacrificing too much control. It may not last as long as some strings, which means you may need to re-string your racquet more often. But if you play on a regular basis re-stringing—more than you probably do now—could be a very good thing.




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