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GAMMA TNT2 TOUCH 16 Gauge Tennis String Review

November 16th, 2011

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Gamma TNT2 Touch 16g

Gamma is a brand that has been around for a long time. They sell almost anything one could desire for the sport of tennis. From strings, to racquets, to clothing, to on-court materials, they have it! Gamma has recently released some new tennis strings. One of these is TNT2 TOUCH and I decided to give these nylon multifilament strings a tryout.

The term “TNT2” stands for Thermo Nuclear Process, 2nd generation. Gamma says this process allows for greater elasticity and cushioning, while simultaneously storing more energy for maximum power and feel.

Gamma is promoting TNT2 TOUCH as one of their better “Playability” strings. This string is said to be a premium string that offers power without sacrificing control. On a “10 scale” Gamma rates TNT2 Touch as follows: Power = 9; Control = 9; Comfort = 9; and Durability = 8. Gamma also offers a “String Performance Guarantee” in which you can receive a full refund if dissatisfied (restrictions apply).

Gamma TNT2 Touch is a very supple string, very similar to natural gut. It is easy to weave and it had very little coil memory. It is a bit tough to thread thru partially blocked holes. Overall, it is a pleasure to work with—especially compared to some polyester strings.

Gamma TNT2 Touch really delivers in the power department. It, simply said, feels fantastic! Great depth on baseline rallies were noted and I could sense the ball’s time on the strings quite well—which enhanced control. It even sounds wonderful. I did not notice any increase in topspin or underspin—just my normal amount. But this was OK with me—the string did everything I asked & more.

Volleys with Gamma TNT2 Touch were crisp and powerful. I felt totally in control and greatly enjoyed the “feel” of the racquet.

TNT2 Touch performed equally as well on serves and overheads. I gained good power and placement was outstanding. It imparts enough confidence to “go for it” a little more than usual—even on a 2nd serve. Spin serves were good—about the same as usual.

I think Gamma named this string “Touch” appropriately. It really DOES provide a sense of feel that is rare in many of today’s strings. This string inspires confidence—you know exactly what is happening as it occurs and all you need to focus upon is your target.

I believe Gamma has really created a fantastic string with TNT2 Touch. It is a powerful string that is arm-friendly and still offers good control. It may not be the best choice for frequent string-breakers, but unless you go through strings weekly I suggest you give TNT2 Touch a try.

Greg Christopherson
Oceanside, CA

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