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Get Connected with the Babolat Pop Wristband Stars & Stripes Special Edition

September 8th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Get Connected with the Babolat Pop Wristband Stars & Stripes Special Edition

Just in time for the 2016 U.S. Open Tennis Championships is the new Babolat Pop Wristband Stars & Stripes Special Edition. It is the first connected tennis wristband that will help you track your game. Pair with a smartphone and play connected with any tennis racquet. Capture the data that will help improve your tennis performance.

Babolat Pop Wristband Features

The Babolat connect device, created in collaboration with French technology company PIQ, keeps track of the following key points of tennis: Forehands, Backhands, Smashes, Volleys, Serves, Spin, Swing Speed, Shots, Playtime, Acitvity, Rate, and Best Rally. The sensor has a battery life expectancy of 10 hours of platy before recharging.
• Compatible with all racket brands and models
• Made with breathable neoprene
• One size fits all wristband
• 19 grams total weight with the sensor attached
• 100% tennis-focused wearable connected device
• Easy access to the broader connected tennis community

In our connected world you can quickly share your successes with your tennis friends. Inspire each other to achieve better results. Or create a little speed of serve contest. The Babloat connect device can also be a great tool for tennis coaches to track their players efforts.

Want More of the Babolat Pop Wristband Stars & Stripes Special Edition?

Follow the latest U.S. Open tennis championship action. See if you spy any of the top 25 tennis pros wearing their Babolat Pop Wristband in warm-ups or even a critical match. ATP pros and Babolat players like Jack Sock, Viktor Troicki and Sam Querrey have all logged their scores on the Babolat Pop Wristband. Check their on court results.

What’s Your View?

What’s your experience with tennis connected devices like the Babolat Pop Wristband Star & Stripes Special Edition? What are 3 things about your current tennis game you would like to learn from a Babolat connect device?

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