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Har-Tru Lays Claim to Courtmaster Tennis Nets

June 17th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Har-Tru Lays Claim to Courtmaster Tennis Nets

Over the past several years, Har-Tru the longtime leader in clay tennis court surfaces has been integrating both the Har-Tru and Courtmaster brands of tennis nets and paddle/pickleball nets to offer a complete solution for soft-court tennis players.

Har-Tru and Courtmaster Tennis Nets

Depending on your specific court setup and level of investment there are a several choices among the company’s offerings.

• The top of the line Har-Tru Revolution tennis net is made with a 4 mm, polyethylene net body that is a strong, crisp-looking material that drapes extremely well. The double-top six row of braiding reinforces your net in the high impact zone. This net material, combined with heavy-duty double layered headband, the thickest available fiberglass dowels and an IFT compliant Tidyfit design.

• The Har-Tru Regency tennis net is a 3 mm braided polyethylene chord net features hand-knotted, double-top six reinforcement. The double layer UV and mildew resistant vinyl headband is lock-stitched with four rows of heavy-duty white Dacron thread. The black vinyl side and bottom bands are lock-stitched with two rows of black Dacron. The attachment dowels are 5/8 inch and made of fiberglass.

• The Courtmaster Pro Tour tennis net is made of 3 mm, braided polyethylene for a crisp and professional look on the court. The UV resistant headband is made from two layers of mildew resistant vinyl-coated polyester that are lock-stitched with four rows of white polyester Dacron thread for superior durability. To add a touch of sophistication to this already sharp looking net, the 5/8-inch attachment dowels have been replaced with 5/8-inch hickory.

• For platform or pickleball enthusiasts the new Courtmaster Platform/Pickleball Net comes in the official Pickleball net size of 3 feet high by 22 feet long. It has a 3mm polyethylene body, hefty 23 oz. vinyl headband and is supported by ½ inch fiberglass dowels

Har-Tru: A Tennis Court Titan

For more than 80 years Har-Tru has been the choice of avid tennis players. The American company is best known for its distinctive green clay courts. Har-Tru is actually not clay but a special crushed stone that makes it more durable and consistent than traditional European clay courts. Har-Tru also makes an American red clay court surface that consists of red clay and brick dust in a deep burgundy color. Their contemporary all weather artificial green clay tennis court called Claytech closely resembles real clay with less maintenance requirements.

All clay courts require regular irrigation. Har-Tru’s HydroCourt is a self-regulating irrigation system that waters the court from below. Constructed with six fully lined cells, each cell is monitored by a water control box allowing adjustments to be fine-tuned to player preferences.

Want to Know More About Har-Tru Tennis Nets?

Take a stroll along the company’s historical time-line from its roots in little Hagerstown, Maryland through the present day. Get our view on the classic Courtmaster Revolution Tidyfit Tennis Net.

What’s your view?

What’s your favorite memory of playing on a clay court? Have a preference for green or red clay tennis courts?

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