Junior tennis shoes: Why they’re important

November 19th, 2011

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Junior Tennis Shoes

Many parents have no idea what the difference between running shoes and tennis shoes is.  So, to make it easy for them and others like them who might be shopping for junior tennis shoes, the main difference is the outer part of the shoe.

A tennis shoe has a harder exterior which helps your child with additional stability and added cushion.  The reason for this is that, compared to running, in tennis you do a lot more starting and stopping.  Plus, you do more lateral (side to side) movement.

For these reasons it is a nice benefit for your child to have a more stable and durable shoe.  If your child uses a running (or non-tennis) shoe, they will wear it out in just a few tennis sessions.

It is vital for child’s growth and development that they have tennis specific junior tennis shoes.  You can always have your child use the shoes for other sports since they are guaranteed to hold up better than the rest.

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