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Kei Nishikori Feels the Burn

March 10th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Kei Nishikori Feels the Wilson Burn

Top-ten ranked ATP World tennis tour pro Kei Nishikori is ready to fire with his new Wilson Burn FST (Fast Speed Technology) tennis racquet. Nishikori heads from his tough five-set Davis Cup loss against Andy Murray to the sunny tennis courts at Indian Wells, CA for the 2016 BNP Paribas Open with a top weapon in hand.

Kei Nishikori’s Weapon of Choice

Bring the heat to your opponent with the full range of the new 2016 Wilson Burn FST tennis racquet series now in stock.

For an aggressive baseliner with a modern two-handed backhand, like Kei Nishikori, the Wilson Burn FST is a great match. The design is fast through the air and enables baseliners to increase their rack head speed, and helps players who create most of their own power maintain a more aggressive game.

Models start at a 95 square inch head that works for those looking for the ultimate feel and precision. Learn more about the specs of each racquet in the Burn series.

A Look at the Wilson Burn FST Racquet Technology

FST (Fast Speed Technology) is created by the Octagon frame geometry and a headlight balance that allows the racket to cut through the air for fast racket head speed at any angle. The Spin Effect Technology string pattern allows players to hit heavier shots, deliver precision spin, and create sharper angles.

X2 Ergo customizable handle shape creates optimal personalized feel. With a longer X2 shaft handle for increased leverage on two-handed backhands and better feel for extreme grip changes.

Made with High Performance Carbon Fiber this tennis racquet is for aggressive swings. The premium modulus carbon graphite provides increased frame stiffness for explosive power.

The Burn series, like many other Wilson tennis racquets, are also Smart Tennis Sensor Ready. Just attach the sensor to gather data about your shots and strokes, and then analyze and visualize your play in real time. Plus, share data and videos of your play.

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Do you think the new Wilson Burn FST tennis racquet will give
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