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Papa`s Got a Brand New Tennis Bag!

December 22nd, 2011

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Tennis Bags



Men, there`s been a lot of talk about the many styles of tennis bags for ladies but what about tennis bags for the opposite sex? Well no worries because just like there are a ton of styles of tennis bags for women, there are just as many options for the guys.

Tennis backpacks are a popular pick for many men because they are simple and hands-free. The Adidas Barricade II Backpack and the Boris Becker Smash Series Backpack both have a masculine style and are perfect for the daily tennis player. The Barricade tennis bag has room for two tennis racquets and anything else you need to need to bring to and from the court. The Smash Series has three compartments; one for your racquet, one for your shoes and even a removable laptop compartment.

Babolat offers the Babolat Aero Racquet Holder x12`10 which is exclusively endorsed by Rafael Nadal. This is Babolat`s largest racquet thermal bag and features a molded outer shell in order to keep its form. The racquet storage, built with a thermal interior liner for racquet protection, can hold up to 12 Racquets. It is divided into 3 compartments, each capable of holding 4 racquets.

Dunlop offers the Biomimetic Wheelie Holdall Bag which can easily be carried with a comfortable shoulder strap or wheeled around… whatever you prefer. This tennis bag also has 2 wet pockets to securely store damp towels or clothes after a tough match.

Head`s Djokovic Monstercombi, a very high-tech tennis bag, may not make you play like Djokovic but you can go to your matches prepared like a pro with up to 8 racquets.

So there you have it guys… plenty of styles of tennis bags for men that you’re sure to find the right one for you. So it`s time to retire the twenty-year old hand-me-down duffle and upgrade to a real tennis bag. Head to the court in style, and just as James Brown said it, “papa`s got a brand new bag.”


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