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The pros have the best tennis bags

November 16th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Tennis Bags

Everybody always wants to use what the tour players are using and that is not an exception when it comes to the tennis bags that they carry on the court.

The bags the tour players are using are always each brand’s top of the line bag. The tour players always have the latest and greatest products from their respective sponsored companies.

Roger Federer is going to be carrying the latest Wilson Tour bag (usually a Federer line of bags) and Rafa will be carrying the Babolat Aero collection bags.

In almost all cases these bags will also be the largest racquet bag that each brand carries. They are generally referred to as a 12-pack or Monstercombi bag. These 12-pack bags are big enough to carry all the player's necessary equipment.

This equipment is generally the following items: 4-6 racquets, towels, grips, strings, wristbands and many other small accessories.

A player's bag is like a baby's blanket….if they don't have it, they are lost.


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