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Use Babolat Tennis Bags for Travel

October 23rd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Babolat Team Travel Bag w. Wheels

I have always enjoyed traveling but with two children, packing has become a thorn in my side. Gathering clothes, shoes and other relevant items for all of us is a painstaking task. As the mother and wife, the primary responsibility falls upon my shoulders. At one point, I was able to fit all of our things inside a suitcase but even that was cumbersome, not to mention the need to stuff my handbag with snacks for the kids. But last summer, we traveled to Las Vegas and I found refuge in an oversized Babolat tennis bag.

My husband owns a large Babolat tennis bag that is perfect for a long weekend get-away. Since we don’t need to pack any tennis gear, there was much storage space inside the main compartments. I put my organizational skills to work and managed to fit the majority of our necessities. But I had to pack our shoes elsewhere since there was not sufficient space. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of Babolat tennis bags as mini-suitcases. Now I can confirm these bags are multifunctional and not just for transporting tennis gear to and from the tennis court.

Another advantage to traveling with a tennis bag is the reduction in weight. With airlines continuously increasing baggage fees, a more compact bag may be more economical. In addition, the smaller size tennis bag fit inside the trunk of any vehicle or SUV, for those traveling with the family car. Babolat tennis bags are also quite attractive and classy looking, plus their extra-padded grab handles make for easy carrying.


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