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Prince Tennis Bags are Not Just for the Court

October 31st, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Prince Rebel 12-Pack Tennis Bag

Prince tennis bags are perfect to use as a carry-on when traveling. Certainly, I am not the only frequent-flyer so frustrated with airline baggage restrictions and fee increases. I purchased the Prince Rebel 12-pack tennis bag some time ago so I can fir our family’s necessary tennis gear all in one bag. The Prince tennis bag undoubtedly has served that purpose so why not utilize it as a travel bag? Of course, when I travel, I do not pack any racquets, just our essentials and whatever else I can cram inside it.

Prince’s Rebel 12-pack is one over-sized bag. Because of its large size, I have used it for travel on several occasions, including road trips. It saves me the hassle of packing a bulky suitcase, not to mention that the tennis bag is much easier to carry because of the adjustable backpack straps. Plus, tennis bags fit perfectly in the back of an SUV or family sedan. The bag’s three main compartments let me pack clothes, shoes and other accessories. Its bold color-scheme of black, grey and yellow is quite attractive. The sturdy zippers keep the compartments secure while the little pockets have smaller zippers.

Prince tennis bags come in a range of sizes and can be used as gym bags, luggage and all-purpose carry-on bags. They are stylish, functional and durable. Due to their versatility, they serve multiple needs and meet the demands of different players and individuals.


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