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Prince Tennis Shoes are a Comfortable Fit for Wide Feet

May 22nd, 2012

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Prince Tennis Shoes are a Comfortable Fit for Wide Feet

One of the oldest companies in tennis, Prince Sports has always sought to create the highest performing products, and have done so for decades with their tennis shoes.

The first thing you need to know about Prince is that they are most popular for people with a wider foot. The general width of the shoe is wider, but where it is especially noticeable is in the toe box, where the edge is more squared off than most tennis shoes, giving people a little more wiggle room in the toe area.

Prince tennis shoes come in 3 different categories; all court, grinder, and traditionalist.

The all court category features such shoes as the Renegade LS (light speed) and the Rebel LS, which are lower profile, lighter, and speed favorable. These shoes offer a comfortable fit with just the right amount of cushion, bringing the overall weight of the shoe to a minimal amount to make it easier to move around the court. The shoes are designed to make you push off more with the forefoot, which is great for getting a quick first step and getting up to full speed as quick as possible. These shoes are fairly durable, and a little less expensive than the grinder series.

The grinder series features the T-line of shoes, including the T-22 and T-24, which is the more updated version. These shoes are great for the serious player, and the T-22 has become a best seller with its wide and comfortable fit, as well as multiple color options to match your personality/wardrobe. Although not as light weight as the all court series, these shoes are a little sturdier, with the profile a little bit higher and some more rubber on the sole for the serious players who wear through shoes quickly. These shoes generally come with a 6 month outsole warranty, so when the tread comes off from all of that grinding tennis, you can send them back to Prince and receive a free pair of shoes, making these a great value for the frequent player. The upper sole of the shoe is constructed with mesh, making the shoe breathable, so for those of you playing summer tournaments, these will keep your feet cooler. The lateral stability of this line is also top-notch, so for you grinders out there, this would be the line for you.

Finally, there is the traditionalist category. These include the QT Screams and the Vipers. These shoes are all available in mid top versions, so for those with ankle issues looking for that extra support, or for those that prefer the old school hi top feel, this would be the line for you. These are the easiest Prince shoes to break in, and most people will notice the comfort almost immediately. With superior cushion and excellent side wall lateral support, this shoe caters to the traditional tennis player looking for a traditional feeling shoe. All of these shoes are available for men and women, but do not come in alternate widths. I would recommend these shoes to people with a medium to wider foot, especially for those looking for a wider fit in the toe box area.

Prince tennis shoes have been around for a long time, and with the products they keep putting out, will be around for a whole lot longer.



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