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Prince Tennis Shoes are not just for Tennis Players

October 4th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

Prince Women's T22 Tennis Shoe

As an avid walker/jogger, it is paramount that I wear a pair of suitable tennis shoes. Although finding that perfect pair is time consuming, it’s time well spent. The wrong type of athletic shoes can give me backache and cause some pain in my calves. I have always navigated towards athletic shoes manufactured specifically for walking/running. But when I recently went on a hunt for a new pair of sports shoes, I decided to take a different route and try on some other types of tennis shoes for a change.

I knew some well-known tennis gear manufacturers such as Wilson, Prince and Babolat. But I remember during my high-school years, Prince was the “it” brand so I decided to follow that route. I went to an athletic footwear store and spoke at length with the salesperson and she suggested that I try Prince tennis shoes since I walk and jog regularly. She brought to my attention that the Prince Women’s T22 tennis shoe has some great features such as the rash toe cap that provides extra protection for the toes and the air mesh quarter that gives ventilation.

Although I am not a tennis player, I benefit greatly from the advantages offered by Prince tennis shoes. Similar to tennis players and other athletes, my feet move at a fast pace and need to be well-cared for and protected. Another factor with these specific athletic shoes is the bold and vivacious colors such as dazzling blue, orange and red. Sporting a pair of bright-colored Prince tennis shoes while I am exercising just adds some flavor to my walking sessions. I made a wise decision to purchase these superior quality tennis shoes that stand-out so nicely.

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