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Some of your favorite players wear Babolat Tennis shoes

September 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

Babolat tennis shoes

When I first heard the name “Babolat,” I thought it was a slang term used to describe someone who likes to babble. But later I saw Andy Roddick on television teaming up with Babolat for some kind of charitable fundraising. That was when I learned that it is a reputable company that manufactures tennis equipment.

I have always been a fan of Andy Roddick so when I wanted to purchase a pair of tennis shoes, I knew which brand name to seek. Quickly, I discovered that Babolat footwear suit the needs of not only tennis players but athletes in general. I have always stayed away from bulky athletic footwear since they are not very comfortable and I have small size feet -hence, my attraction to tennis shoes for women. While I was glancing at the large number of tennis shoes on the store shelf, I gravitated towards the Babolat tennis shoes because the ladies’ sample looked nice and petite. I tried them on and took a few strolls around the store, much to the amusement of the salesperson. The shoes were rather cushion'y and very comfortable and classic in style and appearance. But this tennis shoe tends to fit small and narrow, so you may want to go up half a size for the most comfortable fit.

Babolat tennis footwear are available in a variety of colors to please both women and men. There is the classy white that I prefer, and the more bold-looking red shoes and the sharp black tennis shoes with the titanium. As with all Babolat tennis shoes, one thing that is tough to miss is the Michelin OCS sole, located on the back of the shoe near the heel. Designed with traction in mind, the feature helps players to keep up with the pro-like movements necessary for playing a great tennis game. However, it is not necessary to be an avid tennis player or tennis enthusiast to wear tennis shoes. I regularly go for long “power-walks” and my tennis shoes are just perfect for this activity or for just going for a quick trip to the market.

The Babolat tennis shoe has successfully combined technology along with an aesthetically pleasing design while leading the market for durability and maneuverability. Players can almost guarantee a winning game by investing in supreme athletic foot gear. It is no surprise that these tennis shoes are the choice of some professional tennis players, including Andy Roddick and Nadia Petrova.

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