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Tennis Style at the 2015 Australian Open

February 3rd, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis News, Tennis Lifestyle

Style at the Australian open… what can we say? This year the Australian Open was quite the tournament. There were certainly some surprising upsets during the tournament, but the tennis wasn’t the only surprise. The tennis-wear fashion-trends spotted at the Australian Open this year could also go down in the books.

Top Trends This Year

1) Neon pink: There were many tennis players, both men and women, wearing the signature Nike neon pink. Players such as Nadal, Kyrgios, Keys, and Serena were all seen in the bright pink.

Serena's Tennis Dress: Pink - AusOpen 2015

Nadal's Tennis Shirt: Pink - AusOpen 2015

2) Neon yellow: The Nike neon yellow was also a common sight at the Australian Open. Some notable uses of the color was Victoria Azarenka and Federer. Serena also wore a backless dress in the volt color. Most of the yellow had complimentary pink accents.

Azarenka's Tennis Dress: Yellow - AusOpen 2015

Tennis Apparel: Yellow - AusOpen 2015

Federer Tennis Shirt: Yellow - AusOpen 2015

Serena's Tennis Dress: Yellow - AusOpen 2015


3) Prints: If it wasn’t bright, it had a print on it, or even both. Caroline Wozniaki had a great use of subtle prints in her Stella Mcarthy Adidas dress. Others chose a louder approach, such as Bernard Tomic and Venus Williams.

Venus Tennis Dress: Printed - AusOpen 2015

Wozniaki Tennis Dress: Printed - AusOpen 2015


4) Blues: Some of the men decided not to be too bold in their wardrobe choices and chose a classic blue. Tomas Berdych, Novak Djokovic, Andreas Seppi and Stan Wawrinka all sported various shades of blue at this year’s Australian Open.

Berdych Tennis Apparel: Blue - AusOpen 2015

Djokovic Tennis Shirt: Blue - AusOpen 2015

Seppi Tennis Apparel: Blue - AusOpen 2015

Wawrinka Tennis Apparel: Blue - AusOpen 2015



5) Red: We also saw pops of red to round off some of the trends for this year.

Tennis Apparel: Red - AusOpen 2015

Tennis Apparel: Red - AusOpen 2015


Looks I Loved

Tennis Players: Murray and Djokovic


Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic both looked classy in their simple blue and black shades. It wasn’t too exciting of a look but what they lacked in their outfit they gained in their playing, as they both made it to the finals. I liked Murray’s subtle pop of color in his green Adidas Barricade tennis shoes. Novak Djokovic also looked debonair in his shade of royal blue fit for the king of the court.


Sharapova Tennis Apparel: Red - AusOpen 2015

Sharapova Tennis Apparel: Red - AusOpen 2015

I went gaga over Maria Sharapova’s little red tennis dress. It fit her so well and it was a great shade of red. Not too bright nor dull. I also liked the light pink accent on the bottom-trim of the dress and the little cutout in the back was a nice touch, as well. Sharapova always stands out for her wardrobe choices and I’m glad she didn’t wear the same thing as everyone else this year.


Azarenka's Tennis Dress: Yellow - AusOpen 2015


Though I didn’t like all the bright neon outfits in the tournament this year, I did like Victoria Azarenka’s use of color. Her volt color outfit went well with her hair color and skin tone. I also liked how it was ombre-style, which has been popular recently in everything from hair color to clothing.

Looks I Did Not Love

Serena's Tennis Dress: Yellow - AusOpen 2015

Serena's Tennis Dress: Yellow - AusOpen 2015

Even though the neon colors Serena Williams used is in this year, I didn’t like the execution of how she wore it.  Her dress looked like it was about two sizes too small and didn’t leave much to the imagination.


Venus' Tennis Dress: Print - AusOpen 2015


Sadly, another Williams is on my list of looks I didn’t love. Venus’ blue dress was too old school for me and it kind of looked like a watercolor painting. Nevertheless, there was nothing like it at the tournament this year.


Nadal Metalic Tennis Shorts - AusOpen 2015

Federer Metalic Tennis Shorts - AusOpen 2015

Another miss for me was the Nike shorts with the metallic stripe down the side, as seen on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. It was an odd touch and didn’t really match the color that the pro’s were wearing. Though it wasn’t super noticeable, I couldn’t stop looking and wondering what it was and why it was there.

So there you have it, the good the bad, and the ugly of this year’s Australian Open. I’m interested in seeing what other new trends will arise this year and which will fall short of glory.

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