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Tecnifibre RUFF CODE 130 / 16 gauge Tennis String Review

November 24th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis String Review

“Tecnifibre,” a well-know manufacturer of tennis string has recently introduced a couple new additions to their product selection. One of these is “Ruff Code 130”, a polyester string designed to enhance spin. I obtained a set from DO IT Tennis and strung my racquet (player’s racquet / 100” headsize) at 54 lbs.

Tecnifibre, French Company makes Ruff Code 130 in France. They promote this new string as having durability, excellent control, and enhanced spin. The packaging displays a cross-section of the string which demonstrates it’s “gear-shaped” design. There are 8 “teeth” on this gear—designed to “bite” the ball and provide more spin. The polyester process used by Tecnifibre (Bi-phase) makes this occur. The “Thermo-Core” process makes the polyester strings a bit softer, and, therefore, a bit more arm-friendly. Tecnifibre defines Ruff Code 130 as a “performance polyester”.

Ruff Code 130 was about the same level of difficulty to string as similar textured polys. The string has quite a bit of “coil memory” and tends to kink (be careful!). Weaving the cross strings is about the same as other textured strings—a bit of a challenge due to drag and a “sawing” sound when pulling.

Ruff Code 130 is a fantastic baseliner string. I could really “swing away” with confidence. It allows me to hit the ball H-A-R-D and not give up any accuracy. I also sensed that there was a bit more spin to my shots (topspin). It just felt good—that’s the easiest way to describe my reaction.

Volleys were average. If an incoming ball had little pace I really needed to “swing volley” to get any power. The strings were a bit harsh during volleys and imparted above-average shock. This surprised me due to the fact the strings were very comfortable during groundstrokes. Accuracy, however, was outstanding.

I was able to hit with power on 1st serves with excellent accuracy. Second-serves seemed to have a bit more spin than usual. I felt comfortable and confident right-away with Ruff Code 130.

Ruff Code 130 was a bit harsh on touch shots. It performs wonderfully on slice shots (lots of back spin) but I never could “feel” the ball that well on drop-shots.

I really enjoyed playing with Tecnifibre Ruff Code 130. I wish I could play with it all the time. I cannot, however, due to my sensitivity to the harshness and shock delivered by poly strings. But if only poly strings were available, Ruff Code 130 would be a top contender—it is very arm-friendly considering it’s material.

It is my opinion that Tecnifibre Ruff Code 130 is a good choice for players at the 3.5+ level who have full strokes and no history of arm or shoulder issues.


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