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Tennis backboards - Not just for Pro’s anymore

September 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Tennis Backboards

Tennis backboards are therapeutic but you do not have to be an avid tennis player to reap the multiple benefits of this giant wall. At times, backboards act as my best companion. Whenever I feel sad and have the blues, I use it to help lift my spirits. Hitting the tennis ball back and forth, on my own time, suits me physically and mentally.

I have never been a super sporty or athletic, so improving my tennis serves was not priority – I just wanted to exercise without having to go for a run or go to the gym. My spare time revolved around my friends and the social scene and now that I have a family, I have little time for myself so I often use these backboards for some quality “me time.” Although I prefer to exercise with a friend, it is not always feasible for me to coordinate my schedule with a partner. This is why Tennis Backboards are a gift for us busy moms. Sometimes, my day ends at 9 p.m. and that is when I can go and freely hit the tennis ball for as long or as little as I please.

I know some tennis equipment is pricey but I strongly fell the backboard is worth every dollar. It is a great investment. The newer ones are constructed of tough, solid U.V. stabilized, flexible plastic sheet and corrosion resistant mounting hardware. Backboards can be mounted on to any structurally sound tennis court fence or can be mounted on posts independent of a fence, such as a park or open field. Many are covered by a twenty year warranty.

Tennis backboards allow me to practice without having to wait around for anyone. They are a great tool to help tennis lovers improve serves, backhands, stimulate groundstrokes and returns. For the non-athlete like me, the backboard is simply an outlet to stay physically and mentally fit.

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