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Tennis Clothes of Today: Made to Fit the Modern Tennis Player

April 28th, 2012

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Tennis Clothes of Today: Made to Fit the Modern Tennis Player

The meaning of appropriate tennis apparel has changed quite a bit over the years. It used to be that white was the only acceptable color on the court; that is still true, but only at Wimbledon.

Nowadays, tennis players are stepping out in much more colorful tennis clothes than ever before and that is not the only way that tennis clothes have changed over the generations.

In the days of white-only tennis clothes, tennis shirts and shorts were made out of cotton; a great fabric for most occasions except an athletic event.

Cotton is notorious for its comfort and breathability but becomes uncomfortable when it is drenched in sweat. Although cotton is great at absorbing perspiration, it doesn’t release it, making your tennis clothes feel more like a wet towel.

Today`s tennis clothes are made of odor-resistant, man-made materials that are able to get rid of sweat once it is absorbed into the fabric keeping you much more dry. Some modern tennis clothes also provide protection from damaging UV rays.

Socks that are made from cotton not only have the inability to keep you dry but can cause irritating chafing which can lead to blisters. Just as the tennis clothes of today, modern athletic socks are made with synthetic fabric that protect against painful chafing and have the ability to release sweat. Some even offer extra material in the forefoot and heel for necessary cushioning during lateral, stop-and-go movements.

Protecting your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays is another very important athletic accessory that a player cannot afford to forget. Hats and visors provide a great defense from the sun and like other modern tennis clothes, they should be able to wick away perspiration with sweat-resistant materials.

Sunglasses are another important piece to any tennis outfit. All lenses should protect against UV light and be lightweight and comfortable so that they don`t interfere with your game. Some, like Bolle sunglasses are even equipped with lenses that have the capability to improve the optic yellow properties of the ball, making it easier to see during play.

As you can see, tennis clothes go much further than your typical cotton t-shirt. Modern tennis clothes, accessories like caps and visors and sunglasses are now made to fit today`s tennis player by keeping them dry, comfortable and protecting them from the sun.

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