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Tennis Racquet Review: Wilson Pro Staff 95

April 29th, 2014

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Wilson Pro Staff 95 Tennis Racquet Review

I have to say that this Wilson tennis racquet was just fun in so many ways. It is a very cool looking racquet, and from the first balls that I hit with it, I felt fully in control of all facets of my game. Sometimes racquets just feel as though they were designed for you, and this was very much one of those happy times.

I am not a huge fan of white racquets and\or white grips. They get dirty way fast and for some reason the few white frames I have owned or hit with through the years seemed to chip in an alarmingly quick fashion. The Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racquet is white with red highlights and is for sure a return to the glory of the old 85 square inch Pro Staff, albeit it in a lighter and more user friendly design. The frame is 27 inches long and weighs 11.5 ounces strung. It has a string bed that is 16 (mains) x 19 (crosses) and comes equipped with the standard tacky, perforated, Wilson grip.

I liked hitting every shot with this frame. It was easy to whip my forehand for topspin and to find the head and flatten out approach shots and returns of serve. My backhand felt fluid with this racquet and I was able to transition between slice and flat and topspin with no worries what so ever. Volleys and lobs and overheads and serves felt fluid with this frame, my only complaint would be a little arm tingling after hitting only serves and returns for about a half hour.

I think that this racquet would be perfect as a first adult tennis racquet for talented junior players. I also think adult players in the 4.0/4.5 class could use this racquet as is with their string of choice. I think that big baseline hitters in the 4.5 plus range and many serve\volley and attacking players may find this racquet just a touch light.

According to the Wilson specifications materials the racquet is about 6 points head light. I could see adding a couple of two or three inch strips of lead tape at nine\three o’clock to make the racquet a little more heavy; and to provide more plow through on the ball.

But with that small caveat I would recommend this tennis racquet without reservation to players who have full long swings, and\or to those who produce power through the use of a shorter swing and good technique and timing. I think that string such as Luxilon Big Banger ALU 125 or Wilson NXT string or Technifibre Black Code string would be a natural fit with this frame.

The more advanced player will have to spend some time and effort and a little money setting this racquet up perfectly, to meld with their game. But I think it is a process that will yield big dividends once the setup process is completed correctly. This is a wonderful old school type frame that Wilson has produced here.

Marc Pinckney