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Adidas Barricade Novak Pro Tennis Shoe Review

August 11th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

The tennis great, Novak Djokovic, gets his own special edition shoes by Adidas, adding to Adidas’ already great line of tennis shoes. These tennis shoes bring together two of most tennis players’ favorite things, Novak Djokovic and the popular Barricade 7.

Combining the two legends of Novak Djokovic and the popular Barricade 7 into one, the Adidas Barricade Novak Pro tennis shoes have the features you know and love from the Barricade 7 and a touch of Djokovic. There is a small portrait of Novak Djokovic on the tongue of these shoes. The rest of the upper is very durable and reinforced with a padded heel collar and an external heel counter, as well as utilizing an adiTUFF toe guard. Even though it has slightly more material than the current Barricade model of tennis shoes, they still use added ventilation so as to keep the shoes from running too warm. Another cool feature in these tennis shoes is the support cable incorporated into the lacing system – When you tie up your shoes you will feel the added support, and should really feel like they have a customized fit to YOUR feet.

The midsole of these shoes contain the adiPRENE and adiPRENE+ materials in the forefoot and heel, respectively.  AdiPRENE in the heel helps absorb the shock, and protect your body.  The Adidas Barricade Novak Pro also has a good torsion system that will offer increased stability while responding to your athletic footwork and quick cuts.

The outsoles will give you just the right amount of stick and slip. Not to mention, they’re very durable and have adiWEAR 6 in areas prone to high-wear. The traction in these shoes is superb, and most tennis players should find that these shoes have just the right amount of grip on the tennis court.

With all of these great features, of course, there is just one downside to these shoes.  The notable feature some tennis players might dislike is the weight. Due to their extra-durability, they do weigh-in a little heavier than most shoes. To some players, this might be seen as a benefit, while others may find them to be too bulky. This shouldn’t stop you from giving these tennis shoes a try, especially if you’re specifically looking for extra support and durability.

All together these are tennis shoes that Novak Djokovic himself can be proud of. In addition to being great tennis shoes to play in, they can also be a novelty for Djokovic super fans everywhere! Whether you keep them on display in the hopes of getting an autograph one day, or use them everyday and wear them down to the bone, you’ll be sure to enjoy the Adidas Barricade Novak Pro tennis shoes.