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Tennis Shoe Review: Babolat SFX

August 25th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Shoe Review: Babolat SFX

“SFX is for Comfort”4 stars

The Babolat SFX tennis shoes is a new line put out by Babolat and has had quick success in the market.  This tennis shoe is a great option for someone with a wide foot and for someone who wants a very cushioned shoe.  I have to say that Babolat SFX tennis shoes greatly exceeded my expectations. The rest of this review will evaluate the Babolat SFX tennis shoe based on four main components: comfortability, foot support, durability and performance.

These have to be one of the most comfortable tennis shoes on the market.  It’s amazing how much cushioning Babolat was able to put into the SFX tennis shoes while not making the shoe too heavy.  Just like Babolat Propulse 4 tennis shoes, you can play a match in these tennis shoes right away without worrying about having to break them in.  The only complaint I have in this category is that the heel does not come up very high which feels awkward to me.

The Babolat SFX tennis shoe is known as being a very stable shoe and holds up well when trying to change directions on the spot.  I definitely noticed these qualities when I tested these tennis shoes.  The thing with me is I have a narrow foot and with the SFX having such a wide toe box my foot would move around quite a bit when trying to change directions quickly and would slow me down as a result.  Other than that, my foot felt secure in the shoe and also, the Babolat SFXs are excellent arch support tennis shoes.

  The best quality of the Babolat SFX tennis shoes is how durable they are.  The Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are the best shoe in this category, but the Babolat SFX shoes are right there with the Barricades.  These shoes last a very long time and there is plenty of protection from toe drag.  No other shoe has lasted me as long as the Babolat SFX shoes besides the Barricades.  Even if you are able to wear out these shoes, the SFX comes with Babolat’s 6 month outsole guarantee.

I was very happy and impressed by the Babolat’s new line of tennis shoe.  The SFX shoes have all the qualities of a top of the line performance shoe.  They are one of the most comfortable tennis shoes out there which is great for those long three set matches and the shoes durability is second to none.  I did have two complaints SFX shoe.  First, my forefoot moved a little bit when trying to quickly change directions because of how wide the toe box is.  Also, I did not like how the ankle part of the shoe does not come up very high.  I felt like my heel would slip out a little and it was enough for me to be worrying about it during a match.

Micah Groom

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