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Tennis Training with a Courtmaster Tennis Rebound Net

January 12th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Training with a Courtmaster Tennis Rebound Net

The Courtmaster rebound net could be just what you need to get in more tennis practice this year.

This tennis rebound net is not only affordable but it’s also very convenient. You can easily store it away in your garage or your yard, and then pull it out when you want to practice your tennis game. All you need to be able to use it is a 9-foot wide by 7-foot high space. This tennis training equipment is simple in both design and assembly, and at only 24 pounds, you can easily set it up yourself.

As a Tennis Practice Net

The heavy netting provides a player-like response, making it a perfect practice net for times when your tennis partner is away or you want to get in extra hitting time. An adjustable strap creates different lengths and speeds of return. If you want to challenge yourself, adjust it to have speedier and longer returns. This can help with your footwork, as well. If you are looking for an easy day, set it up for slow and short returns.

The Courtmaster tennis rebound net is perfect for use in your driveway or backyard. It’s a great tennis training tool to help brush up on your strokes and form. You can use a foam tennis ball or a regular tennis ball. If you are inside or somewhere you don’t want the ball to get away from you, or you just want to focus on your technique, a foam ball is a better option.

As a Tennis Training Aid

This rebound net is also a great training aid for kids or anyone just getting into the sport. Make it a game by setting a shot goal. Count how many times they can return the ball in a row and then give prizes for achieving more than the desired number. This is ideal for developing and refining hand-eye coordination. A foam tennis ball is recommended here, so they don’t have to hit the ball as hard to get a response.

Lastly, the Courtmaster tennis rebound net can be beneficial if you own or manage a tennis club or are a coach. Put a rebound net out for players to warm up. It’s also less expensive than building your own tennis backboard.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you can benefit from a tennis rebound net, check out this Courtmaster rebound net video review.



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