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The Benefits of Tennis Windscreens to Your Tennis Court

March 29th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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The Benefits of Tennis Windscreens to Your Tennis Court

Whether you’ve just installed a new tennis court or are maintaining existing one, improvements like tennis windscreens can make a big difference in your play and increase enjoyment of your tennis matches. Features, specifications and tennis windscreen prices vary, so do the research on this investment to get the best quality for your circumstances.

Why Install a Tennis Windscreen

Tennis windscreens improve your tennis court’s playability, privacy and aesthetics.
• Windscreens reduce gusting breezes and evens air flow which minimize the wind’s impact on tennis ball shot travel.
• They create a uniform dark background behind each player that increases visibility of the ball.
• Windscreens create a privacy barrier to off-court activities.
• They help minimize outside distractions for the tennis players.
Since windscreens now come in many colors and mesh styles you can include some personalization and design to your home tennis court or to a court you help maintain. Windscreens will always add a sense of more professionalism and polish to any court.

Check out our large selection of windscreens to get started. Or, read on for helpful tips on what to look for when considering different windscreens.

How to Choose a Tennis Windscreen

There are several specifications and decisions beyond color to consider in your tennis windscreen choice.

Court location should influence the height of your tennis windscreen. For most locations and situations, a 9-foot height windscreen is preferred for full privacy and the best windbreak. If your court is located near water or in another very windy location a 6-foot high windscreen should work to prevent fence damage from catching high winds.

Open or Closed Mesh:
Mesh styles need to be considered for both style and practicality. Open mesh or open weave have a different look compared to more dense closed mesh styles used for maximum privacy.

High or Low Opacity:
Opacity is a factor in choosing the privacy characteristics of a tennis windscreen. It refers to ability to “see through” the court fence in either direction. Opacity typically ranges from 75% to nearly 100%.

Cost of Investment:
Tennis windscreen prices are usually calculated by per square foot. Prices vary based on factors including the windscreen’s material density; sun, mildew and abrasion resistance; center panels and border construction. A reputable, experienced tennis equipment dealer can help you make the right choice.

If budget and speed are priorities for a tennis windscreen try a smartpole system. There is no need for an existing fence and it’s perfect for getting things done quickly especially for temporary installations.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding which tennis windscreen is right for you, please feel free to call or court equipment specialist at (866) 900-3648.

What’s your view?

What difference has installing a tennis windscreen made on your tennis court? Which tennis windscreen opacity worked for your tennis court? Post a photo of one of your favorite tennis courts.


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