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The Diversity of Tennis Bags for Women

December 21st, 2011

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The Diversity of Tennis Bags for Women

Today’s market has so many different types of tennis bags for women. Since I play tennis just for fun, a simple tote bag is sufficient. I do not need to drag an oversized, bulky bagthat can carry 12 racquets. My essentials fit in my tote bag so I throw it over my shoulder and meet my gal pals at the health club.

I look forward to our regular tennis outings because it gives me the opportunity to participate in adult conversations without any distractions from my young daughters. As much as we ladies like to call it a tennis match, it’s more like a lunch date. Although we play some tennis, the majority of our time is spent socializing and eating. The last time we met, I admired my friend’s tennis bag and that got me thinkinghow much handbags have evolved.

It is exciting to go to tennis retail shops to search for ladies’ tennis bags. Now, every bag I see has a separate compartment to help keep items organized. There is a slot for my iPhone and another one for my cosmetics. The various colors and designs on these handbags and backpacks are gorgeous and eye catching. Whether you prefer traditional solids or flashy colors, there is a tennis bag to please every woman.

For instance, the Cortiglia line is luxurious and hand-crafted with fine leather. These tennis bags can easily accommodate youto an evening party in addition to the tennis court. The Court Couture tennis bags are fun and fashionable, yet spaciousand functional. In fact, some women use these bags to store baby gear.

Tennis bags for women are available in leather and cloth and are aesthetically pleasing while efficient and spacious.


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