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You Don’t Have To Take Out A Loan To Get A Fashionable Tennis Bag

November 15th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Wilson Trento Tennis Tote

Jet Diamondback Snake/Cream Tennis Tote

When you hear the word 'style', two other words come to mind: “cha-ching”. While this may be the case with the hand crafted Italian leather bags by Cortiglia, there are many options in the market for fashionable tennis bags that are very affordable.

You can get 28 models of Jet backpack tennis bags for under $40 at There is a wide array of stylish designs including Swirls, Diamond Patch, Flower Power and Zebra. You can get larger models like the Jet tote bags and trolley bags for a fraction of the cost of the high-end labels.

Wilson, a company not normally known for designer products, just came out with the Trento and Milan lines in time for the holidays. The Trento has a distressed brown/black pattern while the Milan is beige with brown trim. Both lines have tote and backpack models and come with a cosmetics bag. Look to spend about $85-90.

Maggie Mather makes several designer bags in the $80-100 range. Their racquet slings and totes come in solid patterns with several bright, eye-catching colors.

Finally, Whak Sak offers 65 different types of tennis bags in tote and backpack models, all for under $70. Like the Jet bags, the Whak Saks come in numerous styles and patterns that allow you to make a grand entrance before stepping onto the court.

Beyond these brands, the selection of tennis bags becomes less affordable. Companies like Court Couture, Cherrie-T and 40 Love provide numerous stylish tennis bags in the $200 price range. While less expensive than the Cortiglia line, these models are not going to be a good option for many seeking fashion on a budget.

Most fashion conscious tennis players would gladly take a high cost designer bag if you gave it to them, but if they had to buy their own, they would probably seek great designs that don't prevent them from being able to eat for the next two months. Manufacturers of tennis bags have responded by supplying a wide selection of bags in this category. The idea that you have to go broke to be fashionable just isn't true.


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