Up Your Tennis Game with Cross Training This New Year

January 8th, 2019 by Do It Tennis

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Although most people reading this will probably agree that tennis is their favorite sport; cross-training with other sports and workouts can not only improve your tennis game but keep you in shape as we enter into the New Year.

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are (if you even decided to make them this year) improving your skills, gaining new ones and staying healthy with exercise that you enjoy is important all year, every year.

Tennis & Yoga

Tennis and yoga might be very different workouts but they really compliment each other. Yoga can translate into your tennis game by helping improve concentration and flexibility. When you are doing both Yoga and tennis as your main workouts, make your life easier by investing in a tennis bag that can double as a yoga tote. Check out some of our popular tennis bags that are large enough to hold racquets, mats, towels, water and everything else you may need to make it from the tennis court to the yoga studio.

Tennis & Running

Tennis requires a lot of stamina on the court and running requires that same energy. Gaining that endurance while running (even if it’s a short, slow run) will absolutely show in your tennis game. Not only that, but running will keep you fit. Clothes that help keep you comfortable, supported and dry both while running and while on the court is something to definitely add to your wardrobe. Tennis apparel is often built with high-quality materials that work for both runners and tennis players; some even have built-in UV protection for those extra sunny days.

Tennis and Basketball

Basketball and tennis can be a little more similar because both require quick movements and sometimes some pretty fancy footwork. Both sports typically involve quick stopping and starting as well as side to side movement. Tennis shoes specific for tennis and basketball shoes can have differences but it is possible to find performance tennis shoes that would work for you in both sports.

Running, basketball and yoga are just a few examples of the sports that are great for cross-training with tennis. There are so many other workouts that can compliment your tennis game; just pick the ones you enjoy the most if you’re looking for a little variety for your active lifestyle.

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